Information Technology unit

The Information Technology Unit is the center specialized in activating information technology services in the faculties of the university. This unit follows the ICTP project, which aims to establish an electronic services unit in each of the faculties of Kafrelsheikh University. This unit is the link between the six projects submitted by ICTP and includes ( Network - Management Information Systems - Training - Digital Library - Digital Portal) in order to ensure the provision of a distinguished service and increase the effectiveness of these six projects on the content management system.

Unit vision:

Using information technology services to support all administrative, educational, research and societal operations to improve the performance level of the college, keep pace with technological developments, and achieve the strategic goals of the university.

Unit message:

Providing information technology services to students, faculty members and administrators of the college through the circulation of information in the electronic image and through information networks directly and quickly, creating new educational patterns, achieving integrated mechanization of university administration and the educational process, and preparing the college staff to deal with it through directed and continuous training.

The functions and services of the electronic services unit at the college are summarized as follows:

  •  Follow up the work of the internal network of the college
  • Preparing periodic reports on faults, network efficiency and usage rate.
  • Ensure that the original programs and antiviruses are loaded and working.
  • Carrying out the required expansions of the college's wired and wireless network in coordination with the university's network.
  • Supervising the periodic maintenance of computers and their accessories.
  • Collect and publish college news.
  • Publishing the study schedules for the various academic programs in the college.
  • Follow up the activity of publishing news for users at the college level - departments - student union - research projects and the various departments of the college.
  • Coordination with the Quality Department to publish and complete the curriculum data on the portal.
  •  Providing technical support to users of electronic management systems.
  • Reporting problems of electronic management systems and following up their resolution.
  • Make periodic reports on the efficiency of work in electronic management systems, the extent of their application in the college, and the obstacles to application, and submit them to the unit manager.
  • Activating the use of electronic courses produced by other universities and related to the various specializations of the college.
  • Training faculty members, students, and assisting agencies on the use of electronic courses.
  • Preparing student and faculty data for electronic courses that are activated in the college and handed over to the university’s production center to prepare accounts for students on the content management system.