occupational health and safety unit

 Occupational safety and health is defined as the science that is concerned with maintaining human safety and health, by providing safe work environments that are free from the causes of accidents, injuries or occupational diseases, or in other words it is a set of procedures, rules and regulations within a legislative framework aimed at preserving human beings from the risk of injury and maintaining Property is at risk of damage.


  The unit is distinguished in planning and implementing occupational safety and health standards and procedures by providing a safe and secure environment for students, employees and faculty members of the college.


Protecting lives and property in the college, using scientific foundations, procedures, clear methodological instructions and distinguished human cadres, to control, prevent or reduce risks.

The unit's goals are focused on:

1- Spreading the culture of crisis management and educating faculty, staff and students about its risks and ways to deal with it if it happens.

2- Good planning to take preventive measures to protect the college from potential disasters and crises.

3- Develop strategies to face crises if they occur in one of the college facilities.

4- Studying periodic reports that deal with crises and disasters and ways to overcome them and how take advantage of them.

5- Forecasting possible crises on the college campus and identifying mechanisms to prevent them.