Quality Assurance Unit



 Unit Vision

Achieving an integrated system and activating the various educational methods in light of local and international standards to improve educational performance and ensure quality in all areas of education, scientific research and community services and promote them at all levels.

Unit message

An integrated internal system to improve educational, research and service performance in line with local, regional and international quality standards.

Unit objectives

The Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Specific Education - Kafrelsheikh University aims to evaluate the academic, administrative and societal performance to develop the educational and research process, community service and environmental development in order to obtain accreditation by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation through:

Spreading a comprehensive quality culture among faculty members and their assistants, staff and students in the college.

- Exchanging experiences and ideas for developing education, research and community service activities with similar units in the faculties of the Egyptian, Arab and International University, and using them to achieve the desired development.

- The college's fulfillment to achieve the requirements and standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation to establish and activate an internal system for quality assurance in the college in the two axes of institutional capacity and educational effectiveness.

Gaining community confidence in graduates according to national standards by consolidating the relationship between the college and civil society for mutual benefit.

- Setting an operational plan to improve the college’s learning outcomes and outcomes and follow up its implementation.

Creating special databases that include faculty members - faculty assistants - staff - college students - programs and decisions - college graduates (to be the basis for supporting decision-making in the college.

- Establishing a system for measuring and evaluating the college’s performance, academic reference standards for the educational program - Quality of learning opportunities - Community participation - Research and other scientific activities - Effectiveness of quality management and improvement.

Preparing and reviewing the periodic and annual self-evaluation reports that are considered as a reference for the various operational work of the college administration.

- Providing technical support and follow-up to evaluate the performance and quality assurance system in the college by submitting various proposals and recommendations related to the implementation of the quality system in the college to prepare the college for the stage of comprehensive performance evaluation for accreditation by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.


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