Student Union


About the Student Union

§ Student unions are formed from new university students transferred and enrolled to obtain a bachelor’s degree and are paid tuition fees.
§ The College Union Council is formed annually under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. / Dean of the College or his representative and the advisors of the committees of the Union Council from among the faculty members and the head of the technical staff for youth welfare. The treasurer and students are trustees and assistant secretaries of the Union Council committees, and the members of the Council are elected from among them the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary of the Council.
Student Union goals
§ The Students' Union aims to encourage the formation of student families in the college.
§ Interested in practicing various activities inside and outside the college.
§ Getting to know the characteristics of society through holding various celebrations, seminars and trips.
§ Participation in the annual festivals held inside and outside the university.
§ Establishing camps in order to prepare the student to serve the surrounding environment.
§ Develop the spirit of creativity and innovation among students.
§ Organizing and supervising recreational and educational trips about the most important tourist attractions
How to apply for candidacy for student union elections
The date specified by the university and the nomination days are determined
§ The Youth Welfare Department announces the start of applying for candidacy for the Student Union.
§ Each student who wishes to participate must go to the Youth Welfare Department to withdraw the nomination form
§ The applicant must be of good conduct, be of Egyptian nationality, and have paid tuition fees