About the Student Union

        The student associations form the new university students who are transferred and enrolled to obtain the bachelor's degree and are paid For study fees


The Council of the College Union annually under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. / Dean of the College or his representative and adviser to the committees Federation Council members of the faculty and head of the technical staff to take care of young people and be the treasurer and students of trustees and secretaries, aides committees Union Council and elected members of the Council, including Secretary of the Board Assistant Secretary.

Students Union Goals

§          The Student Union aims to encourage the formation of student families in the college.

Interested in practicing various activities inside and outside the college.

Identify the characteristics of the community through the establishment of various celebrations, seminars and trips.

Participation in annual festivals held inside and outside the university.

§          The establishment of the camps in order to prepare the student to serve the surrounding environment.

The development of the spirit of creativity and innovation among students.

Organizing and supervising educational trips on the most important tourist attractions

How to apply for the student union elections

It is determined by the date specified by the university and determine the nomination days

The Youth Welfare Department announces the start of progress for the nomination of the Federation of Students

Each student is willing to sign up to go to the Youth Welfare Department to withdraw the nomination form

It requires the applicant to have good behaviour and sexual Egyptian and unpaid tuition fees

About Youth Care      :

    The Youth Welfare Department of the Faculty of Specific Education is pleased to welcome its students and invites you to join and actively participate in its various activities. Within the Youth Welfare Department, all activities are distinguished and fruitful, which develop your talents and impart the spirit of cooperation between you (sport, technical, cultural, mobile, families, Technology)

Objectives of youth care:

          Spread the collective spirit among the students and strengthen the relations between them and the teachers.

         Designing programs and projects approved by the college students union and supervising them.

         Developing the national awareness of college students and deepening the concepts and sound foundations in them.

         To expand the students' base of practice from different activities and identities and to provide the necessary means.

Conducting research and studies to identify the problems of youth and propose projects to overcome them.

          Carrying out social research for students who are not able and spending material and in-kind benefits through the College Takaful Fund

Helping to solve the problems of college students on a personal level or obstacles to their progress through raising the level of educational achievement

Extraction of passports during the Summer Holidays.

Organizing various seminars to educate young people about social phenomena in society (addiction - marriage common law) and the proposed solutions0

Activities provided for students:


Such as (art activity -  Scouting  - cultural activity - sports activity - social activity and trips - activities of families).



.       Artistic activity  :

 The committee is interested in artistic activity through participating in the annual festival organized by the university as well as participating in the summer forum as well as the art and music

   public service and Scouting:

The student practices various activities (sport-cultural-artistic-social) through the program of the Scouting clan in college and university as well as establishing the camps in order to prepare the student to serve the surrounding environment

  Social activity and trips

          Organizing and supervising recreational and educational trips to identify the most important tourist attractions

          Assistance and participation in the humanitarian aspects such as blood donation, the Red Crescent Society and charities working within the social aspects.

        Organizing chess competitions at the college level and participating in competitions organized by the university

Conduct the ideal student competition

                Establishment - in partnership with the Union of College Students - the annual                                                               ceremony to celebrate the Orphans' Day.

Scientific activity and technology:

This activity aims to develop a spirit of creativity and innovation among students through their participation in the Science Club sponsored by the Youth League.

             Cultural activity:

This activity aims to do the work of seminars to sensitize students to social phenomena in society and provide solutions

sport activities:

Is one of the largest and most activities within the practice of youth welfare department aims to develop different skills in students inspire the spirit of participation in all sports in the university

Family activity:

This activity is based on the formation of student families within the college and carrying out all the tasks assigned to them from the university and there is in this activity all other activities