Graduate Follow-up Unit

The Graduates Follow-up Unit was established as one of the outputs of the Continuous Development and Qualification Project for Accreditation by College Council Decision No. The university in general and the college in particular, and its graduates, develop their capabilities and raise their competencies by organizing programs, training courses and workshops that qualify them to keep pace with the labor market and to prove their worth.
Vision :
      In the coming years, the college seeks to achieve quality and excellence and to occupy a prominent place on the map of university education, by providing a distinguished elite for teaching, learning, educational research, and serving the university and the community in a way that qualifies it to obtain accreditation.
Message :
(1) The creative and competitive preparation of the pre-university and university education teacher and specialist in various qualitative fields and his professional qualification to employ and practice his skills to face the changes in the labor market
(2) Providing specialized research, training and advisory services to various community institutions in a way that contributes to solving societal problems and developing society in related fields.
Alumni Follow-up Unit Objectives
     Creating channels of communication between the Faculty of Specific Education and the faculty’s graduates, identifying the needs of the graduates and meeting these needs. Working on developing the capabilities and skills of students and graduates, working on preparing students and graduates well in line with the needs of the labor market, and seeking to provide good job opportunities for the graduates of the Faculty of Specific Education.
Important Alumni Unit
(1) Preparing a database of graduates and the ultimate beneficiary of the graduates.
(2) Introducing the graduates to the Graduate Follow-up Unit and the activities of the Specific Education Alumni Association.
(3) Communicate with the alumni and inform them of the college's activities and the activities of the Education Alumni Association through the college's website.
(4) Follow up the activities of the Specific Education Alumni Association.
(5) Providing various programs to prepare students and graduates for the labor market.
(6) Providing a continuing education program through programs and training courses for graduates.
(7) Contribute to the employment of college graduates.
(8) Holding an annual ceremony for graduates.
(9) Activating social activities such as trips, seminars, etc., informing the graduates and ensuring their participation in these activities so that there is a continuous connection and communication between the graduate and the college.
(10) Activating the role of the final beneficiary of the graduates and ensuring their participation in:
Training students in the workplace before graduation.
Student activities.
Providing job opportunities for college graduates.
Contribute to the annual graduation ceremony.
Program to prepare students and graduates for the labor market.
(11) Preparing questionnaires to survey the institutions’ opinion of the graduates of the Faculty of Specific Education to determine the extent of the institutions’ satisfaction with the level of graduates of the Faculty of Education and work on developing the performance of the graduates of the Faculty of Education in the light of these questionnaires.
(12) Preparing questionnaires about the activities of the unit and making an analysis of these questionnaires to identify the extent of satisfaction and benefit of graduates and various work institutions about these activities and work to develop the performance of the unit in the light of the analysis of these questionnaires.
(13) Supervising the unit’s employees, directing them, and following up their implementation of the tasks assigned to them.