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The Faculty of Specific Education in Kafrelsheikh provides various services to the university community as well as the surrounding community, which is represented as follows:

First: the bakery unit: It is represented in ... (cakes - cinnamon biscuits - sable biscuits, pillow and chocolate - assorted petit four) and other baked goods (croissants - patty - pizza - pies with chicken and cheese - different types of jams - orange jam - apple jam - jam Carrots - mixed jam - various sweeteners).
Second: The Fabrics and Clothes Unit: It is represented in detailing the discussion gowns for master’s and doctoral theses, making conference flags, making honoring sashes for ideal mothers and the inauguration ceremony of the Students ’Union,
 Third: Training courses: It is represented in training courses in detailing - cooking - knitting and crochet.
Fourth: the carpentry workshop: through which it is possible to design and work offices, cabinets and prepare the stands
Fifthly: the technical actuators unit: through which it is possible to design the copper actuators, bracelets, necklaces and many other, honorary deterrents, and many multiple technical operators
Sixth: Plastic Arts: through which training courses can be organized in painting and drawing, sculpture and quilting, printing and woodwork ... etc.,
Where the center holds courses in music and they are implemented in the Department of Music Education in the college,
  Seventh: the card printing unit: through which it is possible to provide a distinguished service for student services, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate students, by extracting the cards as well as extracting the cards for the college employees.
  Eighth: Courses in computer science: through which it is possible to conduct courses for students from inside and outside the university in the fields of computer science and computers, and professors specializing in the field of computer and computer sciences lecture in which the study is distinguished by focusing on practical aspects more than theoretical aspects in order to qualify graduates in the practical aspects of what They can compete for new job opportunities.

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