Brief history:

·       The Faculty of Specific Education was established by Ministerial Resolution No. 1187 of October 15, 1996

·       The college started with four divisions for the first grade in 1991, which is next: (Art Education, Musical Education, Home Economics and Educational Technology). Plus, a few students from the same governorate in the second grade of Musical Education division, they were transferred from corresponding colleges.

·       In the following year 1992, the Minister of Education approved the opening of a fifth division (Educational Media), in the third year 1993 the sixth division (Kindergarten) was opened.

·       In the beginning, the college was one main five-story building (A) which Were a residence for the students of the Teachers School (It no longer exists). Its halls were prepared in according to the educational process needs as follows: (Home Economics department in the first floor, Art Education in the third, Educational Technology on the fourth with the computer and video labs. The Musical Education department were on the fifth floor).

·       In the following academic year 1992 / 1993, it has been allocated and prepared a second building (B) consisting of four floors As follows: (Art Education department halls in the fourth floor, Educational Media department and the Physiology Laboratory in the third floor, Psychological and educational sciences department, lecture halls and psychology laboratories in the second floor. On the first floor there is an amphitheater for lectures and celebrations).

·       In the academic year 1992 / 1993 the governorate executive departments agreed for Allocating and merging Al-Amal school which adjacent to the college, to complete all needs from different departments (Student Affairs, Guard chief, Field Training Department, Human resources, Accounting Unit, College Secretary)

·       In 1999, Building (C) was prepared it consists of three floors. On the first floor is the financial affairs and youth welfare departments, on the second floor there are lecture halls and the library on the third floor.

·       The college administration, in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, established an open multi-purpose sports playground to serve the college students and the surrounding residential community.

·       At the end of 1994, an external building for exhibitions was constructed on the facade of the faculty consists of three floors, including galleries to show the works of the students in their various specializations.

·       In 1998, Republican Decree No. 329 was issued to amend some provisions of the executive regulations of the Universities Organization Law regarding joining the faculty to Tanta University, starting from the academic year 1998-1999.

·       Ministerial decree No. 1085 was issued on 7/26/2000 to issue the internal regulations of the Faculty of Specific Education - Tanta University.

·       On April 19, 2006, Presidential Decree No. 129 was issued to establish Kafrelsheikh University.

·       In the academic year 2015 – 2016, the college was moved to the new building specially located for it, where it was built in accordance with the standards of quality and accreditation, and we hope that the college will obtain accreditation soon, God willing.