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- University cities are one of the university's important facilities.

First: University cities are students

It consists of two residential units with a total capacity of 792 students.

Second: university cities female students:

It consists of four housing units with a total capacity of 2,200 students.

Third: the restaurant:

It consists of three floors:

Ground floor (kitchen to cook and prepare food)

First floor upstairs (restaurant with a capacity of 350 students)

Upper second floor (a restaurant with a capacity of 350 students)

And university cities are unique with a set of features as follows: -

A privileged location in the middle of the eight faculties of the university at the entrance to KafrelSheikh governorate on the main road Kafrelsheikh - Tanta.

They are surrounded by high walls that separate them from external influences, to provide safety for those who live in them.

Equipped with an internal concrete road network linking its residential units and various facilities at the highest level.

Provided with a special ambulance to serve its children overnight in anticipation of any emergency

Equipped with a night lighting network that represents a radiant and civilized interface at the entrance to the governorate, as well as electricity generating units in anticipation of any sudden power outages.

They have mosques to serve their children, especially on Fridays, where the elite of the best men of the da'wah will lead them in Kafrelsheikh .

University cities in Kafrelsheikh  are equipped with water coolers in sufficient numbers and also equipped with sufficient numbers of water heaters.

Equipped with internal sales outlets that provide students with office needs, drinks and all their personal needs.

Equipped with green spaces, a natural outlet surrounded by large areas on every side.

Equipped with telephone lines by a line for each building, either a card or currency, to facilitate the students 'and female students' contacts with their families at any time.

Conditions for accepting students

1- The student must be enrolled regularly in one of the university’s colleges in the bachelor’s or bachelor’s departments and not an affiliation student.

2- The student should not be a resident of the city of Kafrelsheikh  or the centers close to it, which the university cities administration council considers easy transportation to and from

3- The student should not have been subjected to disciplinary punishment from Kafrelsheikh  University or other universities in the previous academic year.

4- That the male or female student who had previously resided in university cities had not imposed the penalty of deprivation of residency in the previous year. The City Council may accept the student in the city in the two aforementioned cases if it sees a way to do so.

5 - Never smoke inside the city walls and all its facilities. Anyone who violates this is immediately dismissed and subjected to disciplinary accountability.

6- He should not be owed money to university cities in the previous year or any other financial dues.

7- To prove his health

8- He should not be married or an employee of the government or the public sector, and if the student conceals this situation and it becomes clear after that, he is dismissed immediately and subjected to legal accountability and disciplinary penalties

9 - The student is considered to have waived his right to reside in the city if he did not pay the required fees within fifteen days from the date of announcing the result of his admission to the city. Prof. Dr. / Chairman of the Cities Administration Council, upon the proposal of the Director General of Cities, is entitled to replace the next student for those who meet the conditions of residency in the city.

However, based on the proposal of the Director General of Cities and the approval of Prof. Dr. / Chairman of the University Cities Board of Directors, a student may be re-admitted to the city if he submits an acceptable excuse for the reason for his delay in payment after paying 10% of the value of the envelope as administrative expenses and paying the fees in full from the date of his admission.

10 - The student's stay in the city ends with the end of the college examinations in which he is enrolled, and he may continue to reside during the summer vacation if the conditions of his study require that, and he is required to submit a certificate from the college proving the existence of regular summer study for him without feeding, and he is charged for every day at a rate of twenty piasters a day, up to a maximum. Five pounds per month with a charge for improving the entire service.

11 - Admission to university cities is limited to one academic year, and the number of admissions is determined at the beginning of each academic year, with the exception of students of the final teams from colleges whose studies continue until after the month of June.

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