Youth Care



Activities offered to students: -

      Such as (artistic activity - traveling - cultural activity - sports activity - social activity and trips - family activities).

Artistic Activity: -

      The committee is interested in artistic activity by participating in the annual festival organized by the university, as well as participating in the summer forum. It is also interested in plastic art and music.

Mobile and public service: -

The student practices various activities (sports - cultural - artistic - social) through the mobile clan program in the college and university, as well as setting up camps in order to prepare the student to serve the surrounding environment

Social activities and excursions: -

·        Organizing and supervising recreational and educational trips to identify the most important tourist attractions

·        Help and participation in humanitarian aspects, such as donating blood, the Red Crescent Society, and charitable societies that work within the framework of social aspects.

·        Organizing chess competitions at the college level and participating in competitions organized by the university.

·        Conducting a competition for the ideal student and the ideal student.

·        Holding - in partnership with the College Student Union - the annual ceremony to celebrate the orphan's day.

Scientific activity and technology: -

This activity aims to develop the spirit of creativity and innovation among students, through their participation in the science club sponsored by the university's youth.

Cultural activity: -


This activity aims to conduct seminars to educate students about social phenomena in society and to provide solutions to them

Sports activity: -

It is one of the largest and most practiced activities within the Youth Welfare Department and aims to develop the various skills of students and spread the spirit of participation in all sports in the university.

Family activity: -

This activity is based on forming student families within the college and carrying out all the work assigned to them by the university. Within this activity there are all other activities.

Social Solidarity Fund

The Social Solidarity Fund aims to:

Achieving social security for students in different forms of insurance and social care.

Contribute to the implementation of services for students.

Work to solve the problems facing students and prevent them from continuing quietly in their studies, and the Fund's subsidies are disbursed to students in the form of:

·        Contribute to the payment of tuition fees

·        Payment of accommodation fees in the university city

·        Buying clothes and so on

·        Financial aid when necessary

·        Contributing to purchasing books, making medical glasses, providing compensatory devices for disabled students, and disbursing the required aid to the regular student and full-time enrollment student.




University book support

·        Regular students benefit from book support in accordance with the rules of the Supreme Council of Universities as well as the University Council.



The Nutrition Department at the Student Services Complex provides feeding vouchers to expatriate college students and non-residents of the campus


Greetings / Taking care of the youth

College of Youth Welfare Department:

                 Mr. Abdel Khaleq Okasha

                 / Muhammad Al-Shahawi

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