Competition for the ideal student and the ideal student

Conditions for the ideal student competition and the ideal student

1- The candidate must be distinguished scientifically and morally and with distinguished participation in student activities.

2- The candidate must have actual contributions in community service programs, volunteer work, and a participant in civil, scientific and international organizations and associations.

3- The candidate should be good at communicating with many foreign cultures and possess good communication skills.

4- The candidate should be fluent in one of the foreign languages ??besides Arabic.

5- The candidate should have experience in computer leadership and dealing with Internet networks.

6- The candidate must attach with the participation form an enrollment certificate from the college in which estimates of previous years are written.

7- The candidate should present a working paper of no more than three papers in which he deals with one of the prominent social problems in the Egyptian society and makes suggestions and recommendations to solve it.

8- He should not have been subjected to any penalties.

9- Withdrawing a form from the College of Youth Welfare Department.

10- Fill out the form and approve it from Student Affairs.

11- Successfully passing the competition.