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 University laws and regulations

Work in Egyptian universities is carried out in accordance with the Universities Organization Law No. (49) of 1972 AD and its complementary laws, as well as the President of the Republic’s Decision No. (109) of 1975 AD issuing the executive regulations of Law No. (49) of 1972 AD and its amendments.

Work is also being carried out at the Faculty of Physical Education - Kafrelsheikh University in accordance with the internal regulations that were issued pursuant to Ministerial Resolution No. (3289) dated 12/12/2007 AD. Which defines the scientific departments in the college as follows:

1-  Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods of Physical Education.

2-  Department of Sports Management.

3-  Department of Sports Training.

4-  Department of Sports Recreation.

5-  Department of Sports Psychology.

6-  Department of Sports Health Sciences.

7-  Department of Sports Movement Sciences.

 First academic degree (bachelor’s degree)


 The Kafrelsheikh University Council, upon the request of the Faculty of Physical Education Council, grants a bachelor’s degree in physical education in one of the following specializations:

(a) Teaching physical education.

(b) Sports management.

(c) Sports training. (In a selected sporting activity).