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Ladies and gentlemen, visitors of Kafrelsheikh University website, I am delighted and honored by your presence in Kafrelsheikh University. In this century, the world is living in an era of global competition that starts from the ability of people to compete and develop the most precious and most important resources, the human element. Many developing countries have achieved huge economic and knowledge leaps in the natural resources, depending on the development of human resources and building the knowledge society. . The new reality of higher education in Egypt requires the universities to adopt future strategies through which they can achieve the future ambitions of the state in building a knowledge society. Within the realization of Kafrelsheikh University for the importance of strategic planning, it has developed a strategic plan through which it lines its future road map to achieve global leadership in the educational process, scientific research and community service in a way that makes the university at the forefront of distinguished global universities that adopt the Knowledge economy and investment in the human mind, as well as community and global partnerships through which future visions and aspirations will be achieved and lead to creativity and excellence within Egypt vision 2030.

Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Youssef Abdelaziz Desouky

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The Launch of the Digital Platform for Unified Electronic Services for Students, Staff members, Postgraduate Students and Employees

Prof. Abdelrazek Dosouky, the President of the University, announces that the central units for information systems and technology at the university launches a unified service platform, with the aim of

Deans Council

Today, Tuesday, 9/8/2022, the Deans Council, headed by Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Dosouky, the President of the University, holds its monthly meeting to discuss and review

The President: Close follow-up from the Supreme Council of Universities and the University Administration of the progress of the Aptitude Tests

Today, Tuesday, 2/8/2022, The university continues the aptitude tests for high school students 2022, who wish to be enrolled in

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Pioneering locally, regionally and internationally in education, scientific research and community development and excellence in establishing knowledge.

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Providing distinguished educational programs that produce innovative applied research to serve the community and develop the environment to contribute to building a knowledge economy and activating local, regional and international partnership to prepare alumni capable of leadership, creativity and continuous learning within the framework of high moral values.

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Prof. Dr. Abderazek Youssef Desouky

President, Kfrelshikh University

Prof. Dr. Hassan H. Younis

Vice president for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Prof. Dr. Reda Ibrahim Saleh

Vice president for Comunity service and Environmental Development

Prof. Dr. Muhamed Abed El Aal

Vice president for Education and student affairs

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