About Us

 About Kindergarten Department: 

 The Kindergarten Department was established in 1998 at the Faculty of Education, Kafrelsheikh University. It is the department entrusted with graduating a distinguished female teacher to deal with children in the kindergarten stage and enriching her with the necessary skills to prepare the child from scientific, social, psychological and educational directions. This shows the importance of the kindergarten department.The Kindergarten Department is proud to have a prominent role in the development of society through the graduation of female teachers who have the ability to abide by the duties and responsibilities towards kindergarten children and the constant and continuous diligence of faculty members in community participation for the advancement of the Egyptian child.

The degrees granted by the Kindergarten Department are:

-          Bachelors Degree in Education ( Kindergarten )

-          Professional Diploma in Education (Child Education) will be activated this year.