Vision & Mission & Objectives

 Department Vision

The Kindergarten Department at the Faculty of Education, Kafrelsheikh University, aspires to be a modern department, distinct professionally, scientifically, and interactive with the community environment, as it is concerned with providing students with the academic and professional knowledge and skills necessary for professional performance through well-studied and advanced programs to prepare the kindergarten teacher and take advantage of global developments in this field, in cooperation with the concerned authorities locally, regionally and internationally.

Department Mission:

The department mission is preparing highly qualified kindergarten teachers to perform their professional, research and societal roles. The department contributes to enriching educational, psychological, basic and interdisciplinary sciences through authentic scientific research and community service regionally and internationally in the field of kindergarten.


 Objectives of the Department:

 The Kindergarten Department aims to achieve the following objectives:

1-  Granting bachelors degrees, diplomas, masters and doctorate degree in kindergarten

 2 - Preparing specialized teachers in kindergartens with high efficiency to keep pace with the current labor market regionally and internationally.

   3- Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, seminars and training courses on   topics related to kindergarten

 4- Publishing periodicals in the areas of specialization.

 5- Preparing female teachers to work in pre-school institutions and other organizations  that serve children with special needs

 6- Providing kindergarten students with educational and psychological knowledge  related to the kindergarten stage

 7- Providing kindergarten teachers with the different teaching methods necessary for the kindergarten stage

 8- Providing technical advice to individuals and institutions in various fields of    specialization