Scientific Publications Awards

Scientific Awards, Department of kindergarten

 : Particularly to Dr. Hanan Nassar

·         I got in my childhood many awards; the most important of them was the bronze medal in the Schenker world competition for children's drawings.

·         I got Suzanne Mubarak's Award for children's literature in the field of painting in 2002 for my book "altadad w almakan "-antagonism and place- for children from 3-4 years.

·         I got the first prize in the competition of Suzanne Mubarak Children's Literature in the field of writing in 2003 for a collection of short stories titled "farhat al shebl al hareb" the joy of the fugitive Shebl."

·         I got the second prize in "Kamel al-Kilani" competition, in writing for children in 2004.

·         I got an encouragement prize from the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood in the competition of "activating scientific research for the development of early childhood" in 2004 for myphd research thesis, that talks about designing Photographed puzzles, developing the ability to solve puzzles and improving both visual perception and syntheticthinking.