Vision, Mission and Values

Kafrelsheikh University Hospital is to be recognized as center of excellence and a leader in providing health care, education and training according to the International Standards of Joint Commission for Accreditation (JCI).   



·      Set a new standard of provision of healthcare in the region.

·      Comply with Internationally recognized hospital standards.

·      Be a tertiary care facility focusing on patient safety and customer services at reasonable cost.

·      Respect values, beliefs and feelings of patients and treating them with dignity and confidentiality

·   Strive to utilize modern technology and recent equipment and recruiting highly qualified professionals.  

·  Encourage and supporting training, learning and continuous education.


1.  Continuum of Care: Ensuring provision of the continuum of patient care from time of admission till discharge / referral.

2.  Integration: prioritized, coherent and effective interventions at various levels of care

3.  Evidence-based approach: interventions promoted through a plan are based on priority needs, up-to-date evidence, and are cost-effective.

4.  Complementarity: planning, implementation and evaluation of all processes.

5.  Partnership: Promoting partnership, coordination and joint programming among healthcare team

6.  Shared responsibility: with the community; obligation and the duty to ensure all stakeholders are treated each according to his / her full potentials.

7.  Division of Responsibilities for increased synergy: Continuous defining of roles and responsibilities of all players and partners in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the activities for increased synergy.

8.  Appropriateness and relevance: Interventions must rely on a clear understanding of the status and local perceptions of those in the region as a comprehensive multi-specialty healthcare center.

9.  Transparency and accountability: Promoting a sense of accountability and transparency for enhanced sustainability.

10. Equity and accessibility: promote equitable access to quality health services with great attention to all customers and most vulnerable groups.

11. Phased planning, and implementation: Promoting implementation in clear phases with time lines and benchmarks to enable re-planning for better results.