The university hospital is located within the university campus at Kafrelsheikh city on the ring road between Balteem city and Tanta city, and close to Faculty of Medicine; Faculty of Dentistry; Students’ Hospital, Health Club, Faculty of Physical Therapy & Faculty of Nursing  & near to Faculty of Pharmacy & Faculty of Science ; these for completion of health & scientific   system  at the university. The hospital location also is close to the open stadium complex & green matrix.   While planning and designing the hospital building, the feasibility of the easiest way for both students & faculty members, in addition the employees, the patients & visitors, was considered, The location also is close to road where transportation, fire extinguishers can be reach easily.

The hospital consists of a ground floor, and repeated 6 floors, and it is equipped with the recent international equipment & instruments, in addition to 14 units for kidney dialysis, 14 incubators for neonates; 2 operating room for cesarian section , one operating room for normal delivery, one unit for bone density & osteoporosis, 13 out-patient clinics , pharmacy , in addition to in-patients units with 365 bed capacity, Intensive care units  & 8 operating room with capsule system