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 According to the Universities Organization Law No. (101) for the year 1994 and its executive regulations, the amended and complementary laws and decisions, including Republican Decree No. (129) for the year 2006 regarding the establishment of KafrelSheikh University, and after the issuance of Law No. 82 of 2006 establishing the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation And Republican Decision No. (25) of 2007 regarding its executive regulations. Examining the guide for accreditation of higher education institutions issued in August 2009 AD requires the existence of an accredited unit for quality assurance in all higher education institutions and based on Republican Decree No. 595 of 2013 adding the Faculty of Physical Therapy to KafrelSheikh University. Accordingly, Prof. Dr. Majid Al-Qamari, President of KafrelSheikh University, agreed to establish a quality assurance unit in the college on the date 11/6/2013

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