University Board

University Board


Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky

President, Kafrelsheikh University

Prof. Dr. Muhamed Abed El Aal

Vice president for Education and student affairs

Prof. Dr. Ismail Ismail Ibrahim ElSayed

Vice president for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Prof. Dr. Amany Mohammad Shaker

Vice president for Comunity service and Environmental Development

Prof. Dr. Yahia Zakaria Eid

The Dean of Faculty of Agriculture

Prof. Dr. Yasser El-Gendy

The Dean of Faculty of Education

Prof. Dr. Bassiouni Abd Elkader Heleil

Acting Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Prof. Dr. Abd El-Fattah Halil

Dean of Faculty of Engineering

PROF. DR. Walid mohammed afifi

Dean Of Faculty Of Commerce


Dean Of Faculty Of Specific Education


The Dean Of Faculty Of Arts

Prof. Dr. Abd El-Halem Mostafa okasha

Dean of Faculty of Sportive Education

Prof. Dr. Magdy El-Sayed Mahfouz

The Dean of Faculty of Science

Prof. Dr. Ramadan Ahmed Abed El-Fatah

The Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Taha Ismail Qare

The Dean of Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Sabah Abu Al-Futouh Muhammad

Acting Dean Of Faculty Of Nursing

Prof. Dr. Faiz Farouk Ibrahim El-Shamy

The Dean of Faculty of Physical Therapy

Prof. Dr. Enas Ahmed El-Gindy

The Dean of Faculty of Dentistry

Prof. Dr. Osama Mohammad Abu Saeda

The Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information

Prof. Dr Abed El-Hamid Ghallab

The Dean of Faculty of Languages

Prof. Dr. Maher Jamil Abu Khawat

The Dean of Faculty of Law

Dr. Ali Sabry Soliman

The Secretary- General of the University

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abu Wally

The Director of Quality Insurance Center

Abd-Allah Ghallab

Legal Advisor