Why Kafrelsheikh University


Kafrelsheikh University adopts a strategic planning approach for higher education institutions, and seeks to be one of the fourth generation universities.

The university has the necessary infrastructure and capabilities for educational and research activities, and adopts the establishment of atypical faculties and research institutes that keep pace with modern scientific developments in the field of nanotechnology, biotechnology, new and renewable energy, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other future sciences.

Kafrelsheikh University includes 22 faculties and institutes. The university is committed to providing high-quality education in many fields that encourages research and innovation and creates a generation capable of leadership. It seeks to accredit its faculties, programs, and courses at the national and international levels as the Faculties of (Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Agriculture, and Engineering) have been accredited, and Faculties of (Nursing, Physical Education, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Fisheries, and Commerce) have applied to obtain accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education.

As Kafrelsheikh University seeks to achieve international research position, it succeeded in securing an advanced place among the prestigious universities in international rankings to confirm its leadership regionally and internationally. In the Shanghai Ranking of Academic Subjects for the year 2023, the university was able to be among the top 500 global universities in 7 specializations, in the specialty of biological sciences, the university ranked No (201-300) globally and the first place locally, becoming the only university to emerge in the specialty of “biological sciences” among Egyptian universities. In the specialty of human biological sciences, it ranked No (401-500) globally and the first place locally. In the field of agricultural sciences, the university ranked No (39) globally and the second place locally, and in the specialty of veterinary sciences, it ranked No (76-100) globally and the second place locally, and in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, it ranked No (101-150) globally and the second place locally, while in the specialty of electrical and electronic engineering, it ranked No (401-500) globally and the second place locally. It also ranked No (201-300) globally in the specialty of engineering and energy sciences and the second place locally.

In addition, the university appeared in the 49th place in THE Times Higher Education Ranking of Arab Universities for the year 2023, and the eighth place at the level of Egyptian public universities. For the year 2024, the university ranks No 800-1000. Thus, Kafrelsheikh University maintained the second level among the 29 Egyptian universities included in this ranking, and it also ranked the 410th place in the field of scientific research worldwide.

The university also ranked among the thirteen best Egyptian universities in the CWTS Leiden Ranking 2023, as it ranked No 1380 globally, 39th in Africa, and 13th locally, while in life sciences on Earth, it ranked the fifth place locally and the 18th place in Africa, and in physical and engineering sciences, it ranked the 12th place locally. It ranked the 31st place in Africa, while in medical and life sciences, it ranked the 13th place locally and the 34th place in Africa.

In the Scimago Ranking of research and academic institutions for the year 2023 for, the university ranked the fourth place in the research performance index.

Kafrelsheikh University was also included in the “US NEWS” global ranking for the year 2022/2023, and it ranked No 639. The university ranked the 17th place in Africa and the fifth place locally at the level of Egyptian public and private universities. It also ranked the 137th place globally in the field of botany and animal science and 302nd in engineering.

In addition to the university’s appearance in many international rankings such as "Webometrics Ranking of World Universities", UI Green Metric World University Rankings, The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, according to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, The Times Higher Education Emerging Economies University Rankings and “Quacquarelli Symonds” QS and others.

With its prestigious reputation, Kafrelsheikh University has been able to enhance the exchange of international scientific and research experiences through cooperation with international universities among the top 100 universities and providing educational scholarships and training courses for students and researchers.

Within the framework of contributing to sustainable environmental, social, and economic development, Kafrelsheikh University is working with its partners in the Delta Region Alliance, which includes 14 governmental, technological, and private universities, especially the Federation of Egyptian Industries, and a number of private sector companies, to achieve integration between educational, industrial, research, and business sector institutions to implement the State Vision for Sustainable Development Egypt 2030 by qualifying alumni for the labor market, providing scientific and research support for new and emerging ideas, innovations and projects, supporting medium, small and micro enterprises, developing the role of the small economy in growth rates... and others.

Community participation is an area at the heart of Kafrelsheikh University’s mission and vision as the university prides with the quality of its students and alumni and is committed to ensuring that campus life is a rich environment to encourage academic and volunteer excellence, civil responsibility, and leadership. Kafrelsheikh University is working to promote its goal to become a leader in economic and social development in Egypt, through collaboration and partnerships with industry, government, academia, business sector and civil society in Egypt and abroad to support excellence in innovative research and education with global impact.