Free scholarships for students and graduates


Within the framework of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and in light of His Excellency the President of the Republic’s constant emphasis on the inevitability of paying attention to building the Egyptian human being, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology officially launched the start of registration for free scholarships for students and graduates within the Pioneers of Digital Egypt initiative.

Requirements and conditions for the free grant
Technology training tracks: Software Development Track, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Track, Data Science Track, Cybersecurity Track, Digital Arts Track, and Business Administration Track, and Enterprise resource planning and embedded systems track


Training system: The duration of study is a maximum of 6 months (200 hours - 10 hours per week), and training is conducted in a mixed system, 30% attendance in laboratories and halls, 50% online, and 20% self-study system, provided that actual attendance is implemented at Kafrelsheikh University.

Application conditions: The applicant must be of Egyptian nationality, the applicant must be a student of Egyptian university colleges starting in the second year of study, or the applicant must be a graduate of all Egyptian colleges with no upper age limit, with proficiency in the English language.

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