Maintenance, Safety and Occupational Health Unit

Aims to benefit from the engineering expertise available in the college in all its departments and bodies in order to do the necessary maintenance for the college’s devices and equipment in a way that ensures preventive maintenance for them in a way that always guarantees the excellent condition of its operation at any time while providing the maximum external expenses (external contracts for maintenance and spare parts) as well as for the benefit of the internal community (the university ) and external (companies - factories - bodies - institutions...etc).

The unit was established in order to carry out the necessary maintenance operations in various fields: 

1- Maintaining and updating computers, the Internet and internal networks. 

2- Printers devices. 

3- Laboratory equipment maintenance 

4- Supervising the maintenance of equipment, lighting and general equipment in the college 

5- Data Show devices 

6- maintenance 

7-Centrals and faxes 

8- Audio equipment maintenance 

9- Alarms 

10- Photocopy machines 

11- Elevators 

12- Air conditioners and refrigerators