Training and Administrative Development Unit

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Based on the vision of the Faculty of Engineering at Kafrelsheikh University, which is to have a leading role in the field of engineering education and scientific research, and in line with its mission of preparing highly qualified cadres in various disciplines, the faculty has always been keen to achieve the maximum degree of compatibility between the skills of the faculty’s employees and graduates and what Labor markets require it from expert and qualified human resources. To achieve this purpose, the college has adopted a decision to establish the Training and Administrative Development Unit, which aims to achieve coherence and integration between theoretical information in the college, and real practices in the labor market, as well as its role in helping students discover their capabilities, potentials and weaknesses through their practice of working in the real environment. .

The unit is concerned with everything related to the training process, studying training needs, planning, implementing and evaluating training programs, holding seminars and forums for the faculty’s employees and students, and working to develop them in line with the college’s plan and objectives and in line with the university’s goals and mission, which ultimately reflects on improving the college’s image in the community.