Crisis and Disaster Unit

The successive and increasing crises and disasters represent a great challenge for all countries of the world, especially since the human and material losses resulting from them are very heavy, and represent an obstacle to the sustainable development process in different countries of the world. Egypt is exposed to many types of disasters - some of them are caused by natural phenomena and some are caused by human action.

The conditions that Egypt witnessed during the past few years posed new challenges to the Egyptian community, which necessitate the need to develop a system for dealing with crises through the development of effective plans and procedures based on sound scientific foundations. 

The contingency planning and management process aims to set the basic rules to avoid potential risks and deal with them if they occur, so it is a continuous process through which an attempt is made to avoid risks from the ground up or mitigate the potential effects in the event of an occurrence, and effective emergency management depends on preparing comprehensive plans And integrated at all levels, as well as the implementation of activities at each level (individual, group, institution or the state as a whole).

The Faculty of Engineering at Kafrelsheikh University is among the important educational institutions that are full of scientists, human elements, and important educational and production buildings, in addition to the scientific and production devices and equipment they contain.

Therefore, it was necessary for the university and college to strive to prepare a comprehensive plan to confront crises and disasters that individuals and facilities may be exposed to, in order to provide safety and security for individuals and facilities. And in implementation of the requirements of quality and accreditation, it has become necessary to have a crisis and disaster management unit in the college.

And according to University Decision No. 3701 dated 10/11/2011 AD, the internal regulations of the Higher Committee for Crisis and Disasters at Kafrelsheikh University were drawn up, and within this framework, the internal regulations were drawn up, as well as the necessary plans for the Crisis and Disaster Management Unit at the Faculty of Engineering - Kafrelsheikh University