university achievements

The university's mission is no longer limited to the traditional objectives of scientific education and research, but it includes interaction with society to achieve development in all walks of life.

Therefore, since Prof El kemary assumed the presidency of the university, has been striving to transform this giant edifice from a university that is interested in teaching only to a university that is interested in teaching, scientific research and health development. Therefore, a precise strategic plan was designed for this purpose.  And the second strategic plan was completed with the completion of the elements, and excellence in education and scientific research.

El kemary spared no effort to reconstruct and reengineer the university academically and architecturally in order to achieve the integration of the university with the society.


The university now includes nineteen colleges and three higher institutes and a university hospital as well as educational establishments. The first phase of the integrated medical city was completed. The city includes Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Physical Therapy. In addition to the 400-bed university hospital, it is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment according to international standards in various medical specialties. The university hospital has been operating for over a year and the hospital receives about 1,000 patients a day. The hospital includes the main building and three attached buildings. The main building consists of seven floors, including diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services, intensive care and other facilities (laundry, kitchen, sterilization, nutrition, refrigerator, preventive affairs, and control of pharmaceutical infection). The attached buildings are the boiler building.


 Five-storey administrative services buildings include patient affairs, medical records, transformers, generators and doctors' housing. The hospital includes a medical gas system, an automated fire alarm system, and a visual display system, Hospital interior and radio. The Student Hospital was established to provide health care for university student and outpatient clinics of the Physical Therapy College.


The second phase of the medical city is currently under way with the establishment of a 400-bed emergency hospital, a cancer center and a nursing institute. These projects contribute to the provision of preventive and curative medical services to all people. The medical city is a major step in the provision of health services.

Due to the importance of sports activities in the integrated personality formation, six outdoor playgrounds and a beach court were established.

The design of all roads and corridors in the university follows the international standards, taking into account the requirements of special needs, and the development of signs and the establishment of special paths for the blind, Roads, streets, sidewalks and have been designed to facilitate the lives of people with special needs and their integration into the community by providing many services and benefits to them.

A technological center for the blind is equipped with computers and the latest programs that make it easier for them to perform well. The Center is open to all university students and citizens.