Activities of the International Student Office




·         Contact Egyptian cultural representation offices around the world to activate and invigorate scientific cooperation and student exchange for study, scientific research, and practicing cultural activities.

·         Strengthening ways of cultural and scientific cooperation with the cultural representation offices of different countries in the Arab Republic of Egypt

·         Providing instructions regarding the various (therapeutic - cultural - recreational) services available to students within the university.

·         Organizing meetings to welcome new senior students to get them acquainted with the university and encourage cultural dialogue between different nationalities.

·         The use of technology, that is, the presence of an integrated electronic system, explains the office’s objectives and activities, as well as responding to student inquiries through the university’s website.

·         Holding a monthly meeting for international students to learn about their academic progress, as well as identifying any problems that may affect their educational career, while activating the academic advisor mechanism and assigning staff members who have the ability to communicate with students of other nationalities.

·         Holding an annual cultural meeting in which all international students participate with their Egyptian colleagues and presenting various cultural activities, and inviting the cultural attaché of each country for the participation of students in this meeting (Peoples Day).

·         Contacting all relevant departments within the university to facilitate and direct procedures for receiving foreign students’ papers, quickly reviewing them, and issuing admission decisions and graduation certificates.