Mechanism of work at the International Students Office:


·         Preparing lists and records of all incoming students in all academic groups/levels (bachelor’s, and postgraduate levels).

·         The office gets the students acquainted with the scientific departments and existing programs.

·         Students’ familiarity with the activities offered by the faculty, such as artistic and sports activities, and trips to motivate students to integrate with their peers.

·         Measuring the satisfaction of international students with the level of services provided by the faculty.

·         Providing feedback to the faculty administration on the extent to which students’ satisfaction with the educational process is evaluated.

·         Organizing meetings to welcome incoming students to get them acquainted with the faculty and encourage cultural dialogue between different nationalities.

·         The office informs students of the instructions received from the General Administration of Expatriates.

·         Contact the General Administration of Expatriates if students encounter any administrative problems.