Funding Opportunities


·                The Global Development Network

·                List of International Funding Agencies via NGO Portal

·                Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

·                International Research & Exchanges Board

·                Science & Development Network

·                Human Frontier Science Program

·                Excellence in Life Sciences, or EMBO

·                Embassy of the United States in Cairo, Egypt

·                Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation 

·                The East West Foundation of India

·                I & M Foundation

·                TWAS, or Third World Academy of Science

·                IFS, or Internatioanl Foundation for Science

·                CRDF Global

·                Johns Hopkins Medicine

·                National Institutes of Health , or NIH

·                Howard Hughes Medical Institute

·                Ford Foundation

·                Masr El Kheir Foundation

·                Center for Special Studies and Programs, or CSSP 

·                National Science Foundation International Research Fellowship Program

·                The Research Development and Innovation (RDI) Programme

·                The United States Agency for International Development

·                Science & Technology Development Fund 

·                1st International Conference on Innovative Engineering Systems "Innovation for Quality Life"  

·                African Union Research Grant Programme

·                NTRA Third Call for Research Proposals (CFP3)

·                American university in Cairo

·         Egypt-Japan university for science & technology

·                Sawiris foundation for social development