Vision, Mission and Objectives

Faculty Vision

The College of Computing and Information seeks to raise the level of education and scientific research in computers and information technology to achieve excellence and innovation in scientific research and community service at the local and regional levels.

Faculty Massage

Building an advanced educational system that is compatible with the rapid growth in the fields of computers and information

 develop the character of the student to make him willing to innovate and a lover of collective work and able to compete locally, regionally  and globally .


Objectives of the college

Objectives of the College

ü ? Conduct scientific and applied studies and research in the field of computers and information

ü ? Providing scientific and technical advice and assistance to the bodies and authorities

ü ? Training of technical cadres in various sectors of the State

ü ? To spread and deepen awareness in the community in order to use computer and information technology

ü ? Organization of conferences and scientific meetings

• Ability to use skills, technologies and modern information technology to design and build software.

ü ? Holding scientific agreements with corresponding bodies and institutions at the local, regional and global levels

ü ? Providing and strengthening the means of dissemination and scientific research

ü ? Establishment of advanced specialized units in various branches


• Participating with the specialized agencies to develop and localize the various systems and applications