The First Week Recommendations

1)    Encouraging and motivating the graduates of the faculties for effective participation in the environmental week.

2)    Preparing a plan over this sector to put environmental awareness over the top of strategic goals in university, faculties and scientific departments.

3)    Putting a strategic plan for sector through questionnaire for faculties' plans and following up its activities in improving environmental conditions in every faculty individually.

4)    The repetition of holding the environmental week annually with follow-up of its recommendations first by first.

5)    The formation of permanent committee to follow up and monitor environmental behavior over university and faculties as well as the evaluation of environmental behavior through periods through a year.

6)     Printing and distributing brochures including excellence seminars in the field of environmental awareness.

7)    The establishment of page on university site in International Information Network to spread the events of environmental week and its recommendations.

8)    The care for university facade and walls such as hygiene, cleanliness continuously.

9)    The development of advertisements about different activities in university, take commitment for specialized places and the deprivation of using cloth

10)  Maintain university nature through encouraging the process of plantation and forestation, painting walls of buildings and platforms as well as putting waste in its specialized places to raise civilizational picture for university.