Requirements of PhD Degree

 1.     Passing the preliminary PhD courses.

2.     Finishing the thesis.

3.     Certificate of the digital service courses.

4.     ICDL certificate or equivalent.

5.     A certificate indicating the degree of plagiarism.

6.     Approval of the judging and discussion committee.

7.     The scientific department acceptance.

8.     The approval of the Faculty Council.

9.     Approval of the Prof. Dr. Vice president of the university for Graduate Studies and Research

 The college sends a memorandum proposing the granting of the PhD. degree approved by the Dean of the College with the origin of the individual reports and the collective report with a copy of the letter signed by the principal supervisor ,the committee of defense, 2 summaries in Arabic and English by the principal supervisor and a brief summary in Arabic and another in English To the Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research to present the application for a PhD degree to the Rector to approve the offer to the University Council