Admission requirements

The following requirements are required for a student to be registered to obtain the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Education:

1.     He must have a master’s degree in physical education from the specialty section of an Egyptian university or an equivalent degree from another recognized scientific institute.

2.     He submits an application to the college for enrollment and presents it to the department council to which he belongs to express an opinion on it before submitting it to the college council.

3.     Successfully passes the qualifying test in accordance with the rules approved by the Physical Education Sector Committee and the College Council.

4.     He devotes himself to studying at least three days a week after the employer’s approval.

5.     What other conditions the College Council sets for selecting applicants to choose the required preparation.

6.      The student has the right to register the subject of the dissertation immediately upon his success in the first year courses, provided that the period between success in the qualifying examination and the date of registration does not exceed two years.