Vision & Mission & Objectives

Department vision:-

      The Department of Sports Health Sciences at the Faculty of Sports Education, Kafrelsheikh University, seeks to advance, progress, and advance the level of the educational process and develop it inside and outside the department by raising the level of graduates in the fields of sports health sciences (theoretically and practically) to achieve the requirements of the internal and external labor market and assist in conducting scientific research in a way that achieves excellence. Competing locally and internationally in sports health sciences programs and contributing to serving the surrounding environment and the local community in accordance with quality standards.

Department Message:-

     The department’s contribution to preparing, qualifying and creating a generation of distinguished graduates in the fields of sports health sciences who have the abilities, characteristics and skills of health care for athletes and are fully familiar with basic scientific theories and their applications and raising the professional and scientific level of those working in the field of sports health and protecting them from the dangers of improper practice by teaching some specialized courses to students. Which benefits him in the applied field in the sports and therapeutic field, through postgraduate programs and specialized training courses, assistance in conducting scientific research, and organizing refinement courses in sports injuries, rehabilitation, physiological measurements, and massage, in order to achieve the desired and targeted professional aspirations that aim to serve the community and develop the environment.


Department objectives:-

·        Preparing graduates familiar with specialized scientific information in injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition, anatomy, measurements, physiological tests, and physical fitness to make them able to compete in the labor market in the field of training, teaching, and physical education for people with special needs.

·        Developing the capabilities, information, and skills of the department’s faculty members, researchers, and specialists in various fields of sports health sciences.

·        Providing the college with the foundations of scientific knowledge in the fields of sports health sciences through coordination and mutual support between the department and the rest of the scientific departments.

·        Cooperation in studying and solving problems of contemporary sports issues related to sports health and community health.

·        Exchanging experiences and information with Egyptian, Arab and foreign educational and cultural bodies and institutions related to sports sciences in the field of health sciences.

·         Conducting scientific research and studies in various fields of sports health sciences and spreading health awareness to serve society, develop the environment, and protect individuals from the dangers of sedentary diseases.