Submission and successful defense of a formal PhD Dissertation


Postgraduate studies were opened at the Faculty of Specific Education in Kafrelsheikh according to Ministerial Resolution No. (1319) dated 9/16/2001, provided that the studies begin in the various scientific departments, divisions and specializations in the departments of the college in order to obtain:

1- The special diploma in Specific Education in one of the academic divisions of the college.

2- A master's degree in specific education in one of the scientific specializations in the college departments.

3- Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Specific Education in one of the scientific disciplines in the faculty departments.

4- Special diploma, master's degree, and doctorate of philosophy degree in specific education in curricula and methods of teaching different disciplines.

- Admission applications are submitted in September of every year after announcing them, and the results of admission are announced in October after completing all documents and paying the prescribed fees. The study begins in the first week of November of every year for a period of thirty weekly.