An Inspection Tour for the Workshops and Laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering


 Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky, President of the University, conducts an inspection tour of the Faculty of Engineering to follow up the latest developments in the Faculty.

During his tour, Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky inspects the laboratories, research projects, and graduation projects, and praises the development of projects within the college and directs the dean of the faculty to take the necessary measures to establish a company to market products based on innovations for students' graduation projects, and research projects for staff members and the assistant staff.

The president stresses the need for continuous maintenance of machines, and updating machines in line with the requirements of the future in order to provide the best educational service to students, pointing out that the Faculties of Engineering include specialized workshops and laboratories that provide services to the university and the surrounding community, in the various fields of operation and manufacturing.

Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky adds that the university seeks to develop its programs in line with the needs of the labor market at the local, regional and international levels.


It is worth noting that the workshops of the Faculty of Engineering contain many modern and advanced machines that contribute to the production of student and research projects in the faculty and university, as well as contribute to community service. The carpentry workshop at the Faculty of Engineering has contributed to the production of many office furniture and the preparation of auditoriums in the various faculties of the university.