The Dean

The Faculty Dean

Prof Dr: Ramadan El-domany


Dear my sons and daughters, welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy. As you take your first steps in the university education and you have achieved your goal with your efforts, I hope that your admission to the Faculty of Pharmacy at Kafrelsheikh University will make you able to tolerate difficulties to accomplish your ambitions and to be creative minds.  In order to attain what you wish, you have to accept the university traditions and endeavor to pursue knowledge and participate in student activities that develop your own abilities and give you the values of belonging to your home and generousness.

In the Faculty of Pharmacy, we tried to make all facilities available to achieve the university's mission in the preparation of well-qualified generations characterized by the ability to innovate and deal with advanced technology in various fields of pharmacy and health care. According to the development of Kafrelsheikh University, our faculty has been supplied by various facilities as new buildings, equipment, educational pharmaceutical factory, library, lecture halls and different technological services.

Dear my sons and daughters, your faculty has prepared all advanced facilities for you to open up new horizons and achieve your ambitions. So, we hope to invest these possibilities to conduct prosperity and prosperity for our country.

Hope you great success in your coming days