In cooperation with the Female Guides Association......... Scouting and Guiding Qualification Studies for University Scouts


 Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky, President of the University; Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Aal, Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs; Dr. Ali Sabry, Secretary General of the University, and Prof. Dr. Rushdy El-Adawy, General Coordinator of Student Activities, the Scouting and Public Service Department carries out a number of scouting and guiding qualification studies for university scouts, including the official study of initial information, the basic official study.

The program includes theoretical and practical sessions, training on the arts and skills of scouting and guiding work, and various competitions in cooperation with the Female Guides Association, Kafrelsheikh branch, in the university's scouting and guiding camp, and the Student Training Center at the General Administration of Youth Welfare.

The participants from the university scouts appear with an honorable appearance of preparation, equipment and planting, and they receive approval and praise from the leaders within the framework of the permanent and continuous endeavor of the university administration to develop students’ skills and to complement the educational role in various fields, especially scouting and public service activity, camps and the exploitation of youth energies.