The Postgraduate Studies Council reviews the Special Reports that take place during the Month


 Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky, President of the University, confirms that scientific research is one of the most important pillars of the university, through which the level of competencies rises and renaissance projects emerge. Therefore, the university is keen to raise its levels, revitalize it quantitatively, deepen its concept qualitatively, and the integrity of its methodology that depends on quality and innovation, and in consistency with the university's vision and mission is to encourage research excellence and reward those who excel in it.

Dr. Desouky adds that the university adopts this in its strategic plan, because of its positive repercussions on the researchers themselves in terms of moving towards publishing in journals and periodicals with an advanced international reputation, in addition to contributing to strengthening the scientific and research status of the university locally, regionally and internationally, during his presidency of the meeting of the Postgraduate Studies and Research Council for the month of November 2022 today, Tuesday 11/22/2022, in the presence of the Vice Deans of the faculties, members of the Council and the Director General of the General Administration of Postgraduate Studies and Research, Dr. Wafaa Abd El Salam.

The Council starts by welcoming the attendees, then touchs on the Council's agenda and discusses many issues in its session, and the special reports that took place during the month are reviewed.

He discusses a number of topics related to the postgraduate studies and research sector in the various faculties and institutes of the university, according to what is included in the agenda.


The President of the University directs the necessity of cooperating with postgraduate students and facilitating them within the framework of the organized regulations and laws, to serve students and researchers to achieve transparency, accuracy and speed of completion in the performance of work.