Kafrelsheikh University Completes the Preparations for Student Unions Elections


 Kafrelsheikh University has completed its preparations for the student unions elections at the faculties, which are scheduled to start on Thursday, 18 November 2021.

The President Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Dosouky says that a higher committee is formed to supervise the electoral process at the university and follow up the elections starting from the opening of the application for candidacy and the electoral campaign period, as well as the day of the elections until the announcement of the results.

As well, Dr Desouky confirms that the university stands at the same distance from all its students, while emphasizing a number of warnings that deviate from the framework of university values and norms and the rules of honorable competition, on top of which is the prohibition of party, religious or sectarian propaganda, and the prevention of any abuses against others.

The President continues that all precautionary and preventive measures against the Corona virus will be applied during the student union elections, taking into account applying social distancing, as well as stressing the wearing of a medical mask while applying and voting to preserve the safety and health of everyone.


For his part, the Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs, Prof. Mohammed Abd El-Aal, says that the university administration is keen to conduct student elections in complete impartiality, and the freedom of students is guaranteed to choose who represents them at the level of faculties and university, indicating that sub-committees have been formed in the faculties to follow up and supervise elections and overcome any obstacles facing students, while applying all precautionary measures.