The President Follows-up the Oral Exam at Faculty of Medicine and Inspects Outpatient Clinics, the hospital kitchen and Student Housing Restaurant


 Thursday 2/1/2020, the President Prof Dr Abed El-Razik Dousoky follows-up, accompanied by Prof Dr Hassan Younis, the Vice President for Post-Graduation Studies and Research and Prof Dr Mohammed Abed El-All, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, the oral examination of students of the sixth year. In addition, he meets an elite group of professors of Obstetrics and Gynecology from various Egyptian universities.

As well, Dr Dousoki inspects outpatient clinics in the university hospital and the central kitchen, where he followed-up the various equipment in the central kitchen, confirming that the level of nutrition exceeds that of distinguished university hospitals. This tour comes within many daily tours that the university president undertakes to follow-up the workflow.

Dr Dousoki surprises the University Student Housing Restaurant to check on the level of services, the method of preparing food and nutrition provided to students, the quality of nutrition meals provided to them, the efficiency of services and overcoming any obstacles for the service of students, especially international students.

He stresses the managers of student housing and supervisors of residence and nutrition for general cleanliness, overcoming any obstacles they face and the necessity of adhering to quality standards and providing a decent service for students.

The President explains that the restaurant was equipped with the latest equipment and raised the efficiency of all the facilities in it, which allows them to provide a better service for students at the university, confirming his keenness on communication directly with students in all faculties of the university and listening to their suggestions, opinions and ideas.