The President Meets Journalists and Representatives of Media


  Today Sunday 22/12/2019, the President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki outlines a number of files and service topics as well as the state’s efforts in the national projects held on the land of Kafrelsheikh governorate during his meeting with journalists and representatives of various media in the governorate in the presence of Prof Dr Hasan Hasan Youness, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research; Prof Dr Reda Salih, the vice president for community service and environment development affairs and Mr Mustafa Rizq, Secretary-General.

The President mentions that the university is keen on developing the education and tests system to raise the level of its graduates to keep pace with the graduates of international universities within the framework of implementing the directives of Abed El Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, for the discovery and care of outstanding and innovative students, students with disabilities and students of determination.

As well, He added that the university aims to promote the culture of constructive dialogue among students of different nationalities and to highlight the university's role in promoting a culture of tolerance and coexistence among all its students, developing the values of social responsibility and the service of the country as well as learning about cultures and heritage of every country.

He also confirms the university administration’s keenness on organizing medical convoys, both human and veterinary and, agricultural as well, to serve the surrounding community and aiming to reach remote places to provide health care for all the people of the governorate to fulfill its developmental and service mission and achieve benefit from the university’s specialized scientific competencies.

Furthermore, the President pointed out to the continuation of cooperation with the governorate’s bodies and their leadership in confirmation of the university’s role to serve the people of the governorate in all fields, explaining that the university was and will remain the expertise house that provides solutions to all problems facing society according to the latest scientific and global foundations, praising the close cooperation witnessed in the past years between Kafrelsheikh University and the governorate in a number of service and development files and joint cooperation for the service of the community