The President: Supporting the President of the Republic Grants the World Youth Forum its International Reputation


 The President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki praises the remarkable success of “the World Youth Forum” of its third session, in Sharm el Sheikh on 14-17 December 2019, which becomes a global event after three years as in 2017, 3,200 youth representing 113 countries had attended, while 5,000 young people representing 169 countries had participated in 2018 and in its third edition 2019, 7,500 young people representing 196 countries has participated.

As well, he said that this forum gains its global reputation because of the invitation of the President Abed el Fattah El Sisi to the society that maximizes and enhances the concepts of humanity, peace and tolerance, in addition to supporting, and encouraging the president to provide all elements of success for the forum.

Furthermore, Dr Dousoki pointed to the interest of the political leadership in empowering the youth via qualifying and preparing them scientifically and cognitively, which is consistent with achieving the ambitious vision 2030 in the interest of the country and the citizen and keeping pace with international changes.

The President expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation for the organizing committees of the forum for their great effort to be held in the bright image that embodies the strength, civilization, status and history of Egypt.

Finally, Dr Dousoki mentioned that keeping pace with the tools and components of the modern era that helps in implementing initiatives, plans and projects, in line with the national agenda of the Egyptian state according to the requirements of Vision 2030, will give the full opportunity for young people to express their views and proposals and involve them in making decisions and proving themselves in various areas of work as well as participate in taking responsibility in the development, progress, and qualitative transformation that the country is witnessing.