The Sixth Scientific Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy: "New Trends in Pharmacy”


 Today Monday 2/12/2019, under the patronage of the President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki and in cooperation with Pharmacists Syndicate of Kafrelsheikh governorate, Faculty of Pharmacy organizes its sixth scientific conference entitled “New Trends in Pharmacy” in the presence of Major General Gamal Noor el Deen, Kafrelsheikh governor; Brigadier Sameh El-Tonoubi, Military Advisor of the Governorate; Prof Dr Hasan Younis, the vice president for post-graduation studies and research; Prof Dr Reda Salih, the vice president for community service and environment development affairs, the faculties deans and pharmacy syndicates under the supervision of Prof Dr Ramadan el Domani, the dean of Faculty of Pharmacy and with the participation of 200 pharmacists and researchers.

The dean Prof Dr Ramadan el Domani says that the conference includes many themes in the health fields such as the policy of using antibiotics and how to overcome them and the use of artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical fields, cancerous transmission and the chemical cause of death because of cancer, and a group of distinguished Egyptian scientists that lectured at the conference.

As well, Major General Gamal Noor el Deen, Kafrelsheikh governor, points to the cooperation between the governorate and the university, the benefit from the leading role of the university in serving the people of the governorate, upgrading the abilities and skills of its youth and qualifying them for the future and utilizing the university's scientific experiences in projects to provide strategic plans, consultations and feasibility studies via joint cooperation.

Otherwise, the President Prof Dr Abdel Razik Dousoki confirms that the political leadership is interested in disseminating sportive awareness in the universities within the framework of the societal role of the university in raising the physical and health level of youth, adding that Egypt is rich in its scientists and the state is investing in 27 public universities to provide free high-quality education to build the human in accordance with the directives of the President Abed El Fattah El Sisi.

Dr Dousoki also explains that the university administration pays a great attention for scientific research and seminars, conferences and workshops are an important opportunity for the interchange of scientific generations and experiences exchange as well as scientific communication to reach the new.

Finally, Dr Dousoki presents the University Shield to Kafrelsheikh Governor and also the Governor presents one to the President.