Dr Dousoki Inaugurates the One-Day Camp for Scout Clans


 Today Wednesday 20/11/2019, the President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki inaugurates the one-day camp for scout clans, organized by the general administration of youth welfare in the scout camp of the university in the presence of the deans.

This camp is established for the implementation of the plan of students’ activities program at Kafrelsheikh University and for the formation of scout team to represent the university in the upcoming competitions.

As well, this camp aims to raise the interaction among the scouts, disseminate the scout movement and its principles inside the university as well as to raise the efficiency of scouts, train them on scout skills and promote national affiliation.

It starts with saluting the flag and training on the mechanisms of competition among the faculties’ clans in the fields of religious, cultural, scout, artistic and public service activities and concludes with campfire.

Otherwise, the President praises the preparation of the camp and the artistic works of students of paintings, handmade works and cooking, explaining the keenness of the university administration to support various student activities for its important role in the formation of the personality of students and develop their skills to acquire diverse experiences and cultures, pointing out to the importance of the role of scouting activity to promote the spirit of national belonging, discipline and commitment, to work in the spirit of one team and spread the spirit of honest competition among participants within the framework of the scout principles, which aims at community development, public service and community participation.