A Workshop about Knowledge Sources of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank


 Under the patronage of the President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki and the supervision of the vice president for post-graduation studies and researches Prof Dr Hasan Hasan Youness, the university hosts a training course about “how to use the Egyptian Knowledge Bank”, organized by the Digital Library Unit at the Supreme Council of Universities and in cooperation with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank within the organized courses in the Egyptian universities in the various governorates under the supervision of the Director of the Digital Library Unit at the University Mrs Wafaa Abed el Salam.

The workshop was opened by Prof Dr Reda Saleh, the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, in the presence of a number of staff members, researchers and students from different faculties of the university, on Wednesday and Thursday, 13 and14 November at 9 am in the hall "605" at Faculty of Intelligence onn Wednesday and on Thursday at the Seminar Hall of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

As well, the lecturers explained sufficient information about the bank and the various databases, explaining the correct steps that should be followed for registration and then how to research and confirming that it is a tool to communicate knowledge and desire to get information and provide researchers with new ideas in all sources of information for all specializations.

The trainers also reviewed the importance of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank as a tool to easily obtain information and provide researchers with new and innovative ideas to obtain information sources for all specializations in implementation of the idea of “ create your site”, which is to provide scientific research resources to the Egyptian people, but it is only limited to researchers, academics and interested people. Then, they explain how to examine the research for promotion using the program “Plagiarism”.


Otherwise, the President Prof Dr Abed el Razik Dousoki, confirmed that the attendance of such training course is a condition for the formation of postgraduate students at the university and is one of the most important activities related to the digital transformation of Egyptian universities, adding that the aim of organizing this training course is to inform the largest number of staff members, researchers and students with the services provided by the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and help them to obtain information quickly and easily without incurring the hardship of travel and mobility with the availability of a large amount of information in all specializations from reliable sources within the plan of promoting the process of sustainable development, specialized knowledge and communication for scientific progress in Egypt.