Kafrelsheikh University President Explores the Technology of Friedrich-Loeffler Institute in Germany


 The President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki praises the research labs, the latest equipment and the advanced scientific research level of the institute during his second day visit to Friedrich-Loeffler Institute, in response to the invitation that the university has received as a result of the international reputation of the leading experience of the Kafrelsheikh University and its conformity with international standards and international ranking as it provided a model to be followed in terms of construction, design, green spaces, teamwork and technical and laboratory equipment, all of which are used to serve the educational and research process at the university to students in postgraduate studies and the university's interest in the inauguration of a center for the care of students and staff members medically  and the university's interest in the applied field in the educational process.

As well, Dr Dousoki meets with the head of the Institute of Bacterial Diseases at Friedrich-Loeffler-lnstitute in Germany Porf Heinrich Neubar, Dr Falk Melser, the director of Brucella Reference Unit at the institute, affiliated with World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Dr Mandy Alishner, the director of research group of highly virulent bacterial diseases.

This comes within the framework of the joint cooperation agreement between Kafrelsheikh University and Friedrich-Loeffler-lnstitute entitled "Strengthening the cooperation with Egypt in the field of security and biosafety".

Otherwise, He adds that the university administration is fully convinced of the importance of research centers in all faculties as they do not only provide theoretical educational services, but they are also interested in acquiring students with practical and research experiences during their studies.


Dr Dousoki stresses that scientific research is the easy and short way to the renaissance of nations and their progress and hence the University is keen to move in this path to graduate generations able to keep pace with the development and industry to achieve the strategy of development and construction 2030.