The President Discusses Strengthening the Partnership with Friedrich-Loeffler-lnstitute


 The President Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki discusses with the officials of Friedrich-Loeffler-lnstitute the ways of enhancing joint cooperation between Egypt and Germany meeting for the invitation of German side as Kafrelsheikh University has an international reputation for including a distinct infrastructure and material and human components as well as a university hospital comparable to international hospitals, scientific capabilities, equipment and means at various laboratories at the university.

As well, Dr Dousoki meets with the head of the Institute of Bacterial Diseases at Friedrich-Loeffler-lnstitute in Germany Porf Heinrich Neubar, Dr Falk Melser, the director of Brucella Reference Unit at the institute, affiliated with World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Dr Mandy Alishner, the director of research group of highly virulent bacterial diseases.

This comes within the framework of the joint cooperation agreement between Kafrelsheikh University and Friedrich-Loeffler-lnstitute entitled "Strengthening the cooperation with Egypt in the field of security and biosafety".

Otherwise, the President comes to an agreement to increase the points of cooperation in the fields of safety and biosafety and to extend the field of work in the faculties of medical and scientific groups, in addition to help to organize workshops at Kafrelsheikh University for staff members, assistant staff and technicians in the field of safety and biosafety. It was also agreed to enhance cooperation between the university and the German side within the framework of interest in cooperation with African countries to work joint international projects.


The President states that this visit comes within the framework of the State's interest in developing the higher education and scientific research system and linking it with the prestigious foreign educational institutions in order to improve the advanced university level so, Egypt will be one of the beacons of education and scientific research at the regional and international levels.