“Information Technology” Seminar at Faculty of Artificial Intelligence



Today Sunday 3/11/2019, Faculty of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Huawei, organizes a seminar entitled “information technology”, under the patronage of Prof Dr Abed el Raziq Dousoki and under the supervision of Prof Dr Reda Salih, the vice president for community service and environment development affairs.

Eng Mustafa el Gohary and Amr Zayed talk about the company role in providing an electronic learning platform to train and qualify students on the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, communications and networks via participating in the international competition for information and communication technology 2019-2020 organized by the company under the patronage of the Ministry of Education Higher and Scientific Research.

As well, the seminar deals with several intelligent solutions such as artificial intelligence technology, which leads the fourth industrial revolution towards a smart world where all things are intelligent and able to communicate and having a database supported by artificial intelligence technologies.

It also discusses the sixth generation solutions of WiFi network "wifi6", one of the most important technologies of the fifth generation.

Furthermore, it shows the latest technologies for supporting vital economic sectors on adopting modern technological solutions to increase productivity and competitive levels, thus supporting the empowerment of the Egyptian state in the process of digital transformation, which is currently being implemented on a large scale.

The President Prof Dr Abed el Razik Dousoki, has stressed that one of the University's most important priorities is to focus on developing the competitive capabilities of all its students in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and that the university will continue to complete the march of excellence and success as well as to implement the strategic plan to maintain the university scientific status, strive for global competition and encourage students to participate in global competitions to be trained on the latest global technologies and enhance the spirit of scientific competition among them to discover, nurture and support their talents.