Kafrelsheikh University is racing Time to Complete New Buildings


Kafrelsheikh University President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary demands all working companies for the need to expedite the work in university constructions according to the specific time plans; as the university seeks to complete most university’ projects and the university physical components to accommodate the increasing number of students’ admission in the university. This comes in during the monthly meeting of university constructions committee in the presence of representatives of working companies at the university. Futhermore, the university president pointed at and stressed on the Arab Contractors’ Company to expedite the completion of constructions of Conferences’ center and university management building  as soon as possible on the same line; to overcome all obstacles that lead to slow progress.

The president mentioned that new constructions includes the building of the Faculty of Computers and Information, the 2ndstage of the Faculty of Engineering which consisted of three buildings for workshops, laboratories and some auditoriums, Student services building which consists of many cafeterias, bookstores, medical, scientific and engineering supplies, nanotechnology and science institute building, emergency hospital with a capacity of 400 beds, central auditoriums building and conferences center building, university management building and student housing building (females), the 2nd  stage of student housing in Sakha (males), guest house building, the 2nd   phase of central restaurant and 2nd  phase of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and school theatre to have  a total  number of  16 buildings under construction;   moreover, a 6 open playgrounds & Airstrip that have been finished during the last six years , in addition a four buildings that have been completed and re-designed to maximize its benefit. So; a total number of 36 buildings have been constructed and completed throughout the last six years.   Also, maintenance, renovation and upgrading the efficiency of 15 educational buildings or old student housing to maximize its benefits have been completed.